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Technical Services

director technical mr clarke Director: Mr M Clarke
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Tel: 054 461 6309

Strategetic Objectives

Civil Infrastructure
1. Oversee and manage social infrastructure development backlogs reductions;
2. Oversee the technical aspects of the infrastructure projects;
3. Manage quality control and specifications of projects;
4. Manage project finance and reporting;
5. Oversee the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDG’s)(affordable housing, access to water, access  to electricity and/or alternative energy, poverty eradication and job creation);
6. Oversee and manage project deliverables and schedule the implementation thereof;
7. Oversee the design, construction and maintenance of roads, drain and storm water systems;
8. Oversee and monitor local community employment in infrastructure projects;
9. Oversee and monitor the development and participation of women, youth and disabled in the construction industry;
10. Monitoring and implementation of the Expanded Public Works Program in all infrastructure program;
11. Supervise consultants and contractors.

1. Managing the electricity distribution function and energy services within the jurisdiction of the municipality;
2. Providing public lighting within the jurisdiction of the municipality;
3. Developing the electricity network and the operation of the electricity services within the municipal area of jurisdiction;
4. Evaluating, facilitate and implement renewable energy resources and energy efficient measures throughout the municipality;
5. Maintaining links with key sector role-players like Eskom NERSA, DME  and representing the interest of the municipality in relation to bulk supply and regulation of the industry.

Public Facilities and Social Amenities
1. Manage horticulture, public open spaces, cemeteries and nurseries;
2. Manage, maintain community halls, public toilets and other municipal facilities (municipal grounds and sports fields.

Waste Management
1. Removal, transportation and disposal of refuse ( household and business);
2. Management and maintenance of Landfill site;
3. Management and maintenance of cleansing services in the municipal area of jurisdiction;
4. Development and management of recycling systems and sites;
5. Development, management and maintenance  of cemetery systems.

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Our Mission & Vision

"Creating an economically viable and fully developed municipality, which enhances the standard of living of all the inhabitants / community of Kai !Garib through good governance, excellent service delivery and sustainable development."

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