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Office of the Municipal Manager

Mr Lategan Municipal Manager: Mr JG Lategan
Contact details:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 054 431 6328

Strategetic Objectives

Strategic leadership

1. Provide strategic leadership to all operational activities of the municipalities;

2. Provide the link between the political leadership and administrative activities of the municipality;

3. Provide strategic leadership and guidance in the development and implementation of the IDP, Budget and SDBIP;
4. Identify and develop new business initiatives for the municipality;

5. Ensure alignment of municipal activities to National and Provincial Priorities;

6. Ensure that Council policies, resolutions and relevant pieces of legislation are implemented and/or complied with.

Institutional Capacity Development and management

1. Enhance institutional delivery capacity by researching, analyzing and implementing best practices;
2. Design, develop and implement systems and processes to improve the municipal operational efficiency;
3. Define and implement  effective management systems;
4. Ensuring optimum utilizations of resources and value for money;
5. Manage and develop human capital talent and ensure that the municipality has effective and consistent people management policies;
6. Provide adequate physical, financial and other resources for the achievement of the municipal strategic goals.

Public participation

1. Develop and promote community participation in government activities;
2. Consult stakeholders and solicit input on the development of the IDP and the Municipal Budget;
3. Lead, manage and coordinate the performance of the Community Development Workers (CDW’s), Ward Support Clerks and Ward Committees;
4. Initiate, develop and coordinate programmes and interventions for ensuring maximum public participation in municipal programs.

Youth, Women, Children, Disabled and Gender issues and special programs

1. Manage and coordinate activities related to the youth, children, disabled and women;
2. Coordinate events associated with youth, children, disabled, women and gender programs
3. Identify, support and coordinate Sporting activities within the municipality.

Stakeholder Management

1. Develop and maintain good relations with key stakeholders, relevant National and Provincial Government Departments and Civil Society Organisations;
2. Manage relationships both internally and externally;
3. Enable and leverage networking ability across public and private entities to facilitate collaboration.

Marketing and Communication

1. Maintain and enhance a positive image of the municipality;
2. Develop and implement municipal communication strategy in line with key functions of the municipality

Contact Details

Street Address:
11th Avenue 9

Postal Address:
Private Bag X6

Tel No:  054 461 6700
Fax No: 054 461 6401
Call Centre: 054 461 6700

Our Mission & Vision

"Creating an economically viable and fully developed municipality, which enhances the standard of living of all the inhabitants / community of Kai !Garib through good governance, excellent service delivery and sustainable development."

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